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Friday, September 2, 2016

The Gaza Strip: Two Years Later

The vast majority of the 1.9 million people living in Gaza were affected by the hostilities and the large-scale damage to infrastructure. In the two years since the end of the hostilities, the UN has worked closely with the Palestinian government, local communities and the private sector – as well as with other parts of the international community, including NGOs, the World Bank and Member States - to promote reconstruction and recovery in Gaza.

This paper provides a snapshot of the progress made in the last two years as well as the main challenges in the recovery and reconstruction effort, from the perspective of the UN Country Team in the State of Palestine. The report examines the wider imperative of reversing Gaza’s current development trajectory and of responding to the residual humanitarian needs of a population that in the past decade has experienced a number of military operations and had to deal with the impact of living under an Israeli blockade, restricting the movement of people as well as goods and affecting every aspect of daily life in the Gaza Strip.

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