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Thursday, March 24, 2016

PCHR Report: Actual Strangulation & Deceptive Facilitation in the Gaza Strip - Israeli Closure’s Impacts on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

This report covering the reporting period (15 June 2014 – 14 June 2015) documents the state of the Gaza Strip’s border crossings. Further, it presents comprehensive statistics on the border crossings showing the latest developments at the crossings and the impacts on the civilians’ rights. The report also refutes the Israeli claims on the alleged “easing” of the closure imposed on the Gaza Strip.

This report also documents the movement at the crossings used for people, mainly the cruel restrictions imposed on the movement of the Gaza Strip population through Beit Hanoun crossing, which is their sole outlet to the West Bank, occupied Jerusalem and/or Israel; and Rafah International Crossing Point, which is their main outlet to the world. The report also addresses the impact of the restrictions imposed on 1.8 million and depriving them of their right to movement to the world or West Bank to have access to hospitals, universities, holy sites and relatives.

The report reviews the humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip and deterioration of economic, social and cultural rights of the Gaza population due to the serious and long-term impacts of the closure policy. It particularly sheds light on the violations of the rights to an adequate standard of living; adequate housing; education; health and economic rights.

The report also emphasizes the violation of the Gaza population’s right to an adequate standard of living and the high rate of families suffering from food insecurity and facing difficulties in obtaining food and potable water. It also documents the suffering of population resulting from violation of their right to adequate housing and building new houses, the imposition of restrictions on the entry of construction materials in addition to the failure of the UN Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism. The report also tackles the deterioration of economic indicators and how thousands of Palestinian families lost their source of income as thousands of workers in various economic sectors in the Gaza Strip lost their workplaces and became unemployed. It also sheds light on the high rate of Palestinian families living under the poverty line and how the unemployment rates increased unprecedentedly due to the almost-total paralysis of all economic sectors.

Full Report - 44 pages (PDF)

The Gaza Strip: Long Term Impact of the 2014 Hostilities on Women & Girls

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