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Monday, January 18, 2016

EWASH: 2014 War on Gaza Strip - Participatory Environmental Impact Assessment

This report and its findings are based on participatory research in which more than ten experts and almost a thousand Palestinians from the Gaza Strip participated. The research aims to identify potential environmental impacts of the 2014 war on Gaza (Operation Protective Edge).  The assessment was conducted by a team of eight researchers, mostly new environmental science and environmental engineering graduates led by an environmental scientist.

As part of this study, 12 experts representing different governmental, educational, and non-governmental organizations interested in the issue of environment were interviewed. Additionally, 93 focus group sessions were conducted in 25 localities around the Gaza Strip in which 982 people participated.  In addition, air samples were gathered from ten locations around the Gaza Strip to investigate potential air pollution with particulate matters and lead.  Some municipalities’ staff members were brought in to investigate increased water pollution claims, and field trips were conducted to some communities to investigate claims of changes in the terrestrial ecosystems around the Strip.

In the following sections, we will discuss both the immediate and delayed potential environmental impacts of the 2014 war “Operation Protective Edge” on the Gaza Strip.  We will describe the assessment methodology in details. Then we will list and discuss the results of the outcomes of this assessment.  We will later recommend further investigations and assessment work in addition to some interventions to assist those who suffered the most from the environmental impacts of the war as identified by this assessment.

Full Report - 80 pp.

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